Clarity by Lisa Viscardi


Serena and Shawn
3 homes, 4 daughters,1 husband, way too many photos, toys and beauty products, 9 years: Lisa Viscardi has brought order to the natural chaos of our life. What started with a clarification of space and stuff resulted in a clarity and calmness of spirit and living that we could not have achieved without her.

Lisa walked into my home, observed the chaos, and waved her magic wand.

The clarity Lisa Viscardi offers is much bigger than organizing drawers and tidying one's environment. She questions priorities, motivation, and the patterns that keep us from focusing on what is most important in our lives.

I have incorporated the systems that Lisa has helped me employ and have assimilated her voice in my head. Grateful to have been able to make changes, that give me peace and a sense of wellbeing. It’s not about being organized, it’s about being free.

I can’t wait until all the nooks and crannies of my house have been ‘Viscardi-ed’. Lisa’s gentle yet firm approach helps give me the tools to maintain the work we have done together.

Liz and Craig
Lisa’s simple approach to organizing our home was life-changing. She transformed our office space. Her clarity brought us clarity.

I told Lisa one day that she is like a therapist for the house. But honestly, the way I feel after the work we do, she’s kind of like my therapist as well. Nothing is better than organizing and clarifying one’s thoughts, and for me, by really looking at the physical manifestation of my patterns, was a great place to start. I love Lisa and so does my home.

I’ve really been plowing through my bills, kids’ school stuff, my clothes, etc. Lisa’s work, works!

Lisa changed the way I do everything, from the way I sort the mail, decorate my home and purchase products, to the way I view life. It's about removing 'fussiness' in thought, decisions, and action. She taught me a simpler, more effective way to navigate through life.